My main subject matter is luminosity. When luminosity crosses paths with something ephemeral, that's even better.

Most of these shots were taken in the midst of ordinary life: I am suddenly arrested by a glimpse of something magical. Quick! I run for the camera.

The ephemeral is the mortal. So in a sense everything here is about mortality, but there is one gallery which is more explicitly so. 'For Carol' is pictures I took for my sister a few months before her death, of places she loved but couldn't get to in person, so she would be able to visit them in spirit.

What I shot is what you get--in all the galleries here only one picture is cropped, and none of them are photoshopped. This is not accidental: I feel it's important to show that just as it is, ordinary life is actually quite extraordinary. Many were taken with my phone camera or my ipad -whatever was available to catch a moment of beauty before it disappeared forever.

I'm also a painter (in egg tempera) and a writer. You can find out more about me and what I'm up to, at

The picture of me was taken by Sandy Powers -- more of her work can be found at

Thanks for looking!